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AG Color, INC.

“AG Color Inc. since its inception in 1998 have been servicing both wholesale and retail customers both in the USA and Worldwide

We have been known for producing exceptional cut and quality Tanzanite and we carry a large selection of calibrated and 3ct up to 200ct singles, perfectly matched pairs, suites, fancy cuts, drops and cabouchans.

We have won the AGTA Spectrum awards 10 times for exceptional cut pairs and suites in Tanzanite. With AG DiaJewels’ inception we have gone a step forward with creating exceptionally fine and exquisite jewelry using Tanzanite, Aquamarine, Morganite and other color stones centres. We have in house a large, readily available inventory in all price points and categories. We cater to both mass retailers who are looking for larger quantities in various price points and also to our high end speciality retailers who are looking for exceptionally designed one of a kind pieces.”

New Jewelry Collection

“Our designs balance a modern perspective with an ingrained
value of contemporary technique, discipline and attention to detail.”


“Our rings are exclusive gemstones embedded in handcrafted jewelry to create incredible pieces for any occasion.”


“Our earrings contain exquisite gemstone pairs which are used as the star of these designer imagined pieces.”

Tanzanite Collection

“Obtaining an extraordinary tanzanite is an extremely rare feat due to its natural beauty and increasing demand. We at AG DiaJewels are the specialists for rare tanzanites with our pieces possessing grace and beauty that is exceptional in the market. The color and presence of our stones are well above the standard mark.”

AGTA Spectrum Award Winners

“AGTA Spectrum Awards is an esteemed competition where a board of skilled professionals appraise gemstones with a detailed eye for excellence, exquisiteness, modernism, and craftsmanship, AG DiaJewels has proven their pieces to be some of the best in the industry by continuously winning this award.”

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2021. Pairs and Suites HM322

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2021. Pairs and Suites

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2017. 2nd Place - Pairs & Suites

AGTA-Spectrum Awards 2005. 1st Place Pairs & Suites


All Other Faceted1st

AGTA Spectrum 2011 Pairs & Suites 3rd Place Pear Cab Pair 41.62 ct

Ethical Sourcing & Production

Ethical sourcing is the top priority and we guarantee every stone we sell is ethically sourced.

Exceptional Quality

Our stones are of excellent quality and we showcase the rarity, brilliancy, and magnificence of a stone’s natural beauty./p>

Fast Shipping

We ensure fast shipping for customers with tracking for all orders within the USA.