AGTA Spectrum Award Winners

The AGTA Spectrum Awards is the standard for superiority and brilliance in the industry of colored gemstones and cultured pearls. Every year, the reputed organization sets the benchmark for magnificence and innovation.

“AG Colors has been the winner of the AGTA Awards for its exceptional work at different zone”

AG Colors has set many standards and won the award based on its best qualities like Rarity of Gem, Beauty, Excellence of work, and Technique which includes faceted drops, pair and suite and other faceted for multiple times.

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2021. Pairs and Suites HM322

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2021. Pairs and Suites

AGTA-Spectrum Awards 2005. 1st Place Pairs & Suites

All Other Faceted1st

Agta Spectrum 2008 Pairs & Suits 2nd Place-Faceted Drops 44.35 CT

AGTA Spectrum 2011 Pairs & Suites 3rd Place Pear Cab Pair 41.62 ct

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2017. 2nd Place - Pairs & Suites

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2017. 3rd Place - All Other Faceted

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2004. 3rd Place - Other Faceted